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You could very well know MASAKI BATOH as the driving force behind eternal, and forever evolving Japanese psychedelic/experimental rockers GHOST. With that band BATOH has explored many of the most far out caverns found in the “rock” landscape. I was lucky enough to see them play at one of the TERRASTOCK festivals and they were truly mesmerizing. A cocktail of their music and some potent gary had me visiting my primordial being ala the movie ALTERED STATES. BATOH is a high level musical priest, and thus his musical experimentation seems to know no end. BRAIN PULSE MUSIC is his most recent record (2012), yes, but it is more than that. This music is created by the user wearing “a special headset connected to a motherboard, which records waves from the brain’s parietal and frontal lobes. It then converts them into radio waves, sends them back, and they get converted into wave pulses that render sounds.” DRAG CITY put out this record full of strange electronic sounds and drones made by human/machine, as well as forays into traditional Japanese instrumentation, and combinations of the two. So you know it’s good. This vid here is an instructional rundown of how the BPM works, presented by BATOH himself. And you’re going to get a chance to experience The BPM live in action as we here @ Boston Hassle and our friends @ B.O.W. Shows bring MASAKI BATOH and his device to Boston to perform @ Jamaica Plain’s DEEP THOUGHTS JP record store this sunday 5/12 (FB EVENT). Hang with your mom during the day then come to this. Really.

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