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SKIN GRAFT RECORDS recording artists working within the inner realm of that label, Chicago! This band is one of those crews that I could understand people hating. They kind of roll with that drama club sort of vibe, at least some members. But when you peek behind the front you hear some bizarre funk going down, some unexpected noise rock, and a majorly peculiar musical perspective from vocal approach to arrangements. There is a Zappa feel no doubt, so maybe that will help some of you find your way to this. This is a strange music, pulled off by obviously talented players, and despite previously mentioned draw backs it rules. Listening to some of their stuff I am moved. Not sure in what direction or how exactly I’m supposed to feel, but here I am enjoying myself. Nice to see such a large ensemble of weirdos working together in such a freak infested endeavor. Love the horn work. They have a recent album out called CLEANING THE FILTH FROM A DELICATE FRAME. Ick. Official vid below for “Massive Vulva Cantaloupe”, but watch the live vid for even meatier cuts.

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