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Daniel Martin-McCormick has a fascinating and singular musical career, evolving from the noise freakout of Black Eyes, the dubby post-punk of Mi Ami and the dark minimal synth of Sex Worker. Now he’s shredding the dancefloor as ITAL. After a couple excellent releases of broken house on Not Not Fun’s dance subsidiary 100% Silk, Ital has quickly become the new flagship artist for PLANET MU, the seminal forward-leaning dance label based in Brighton, UK. With his latest release DREAM ON, Ital hits his stride. With a mastery of the various club roots – House, Techno and its many offshoots – Ital breaks down the tradional 4/4 structure, ripping apart various synth parts, distorting them into noisey, jagged terrain but with a psychedelic sheen. Only a sparse percussive backbone keep these distorted experiments from falling off the tracks. What makes Ital’s unique take on dance music so compelling is that he keeps you teetering on that edge, in sight of the sonic chaotic abyss, yet you never quite fall, supported by an off-kilter balance that keeps the groove steady despite a ever-building energetic tension. With today’s Top 40 overrun by a monstrous amalgamation of 90’s Euro Club, RnB and Hip-Hop, Ital serves as the necessary antithesis, plumbing new depths in what house can be with the help of endless layers of effects. Give it a listen, he won’t disappoint. And he’s playin a Boston Hassle show tomorrow (4/1) @ Great Scott!

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