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Catchy as all hell instant classic type rock stuff from this Columbus, Ohio band CONNECTIONS. Members of EL JESUS DE MAGICO and TIMES NEW VIKING appear as members here, and do justice to the positive feelings I hold for their other bands. I stand once again @ the intersection of real deal indie rock (what those words meant to my teenager self in the mid-90s) and revved up indie pop thumbing for a ride. And guess what? This gang picked me up. True saints, true GUIDED BY VOICES loving saints right here. A record called PRIVATE AIRPLANE came out tail end of last year on ANYWAY RECORDS, and it rules, and we’ll probably write about it here in full, but for now here’s a video for a song of that record. The song is called “Miller’s Grove” and it is about as close to a perfect indie rock/garage pop style song you could go and write in this day and age. Driving beat, stumbling vocal hooks, flagrant and short guitar solo, and over before you can flap an eyelash. The video is silly, but get by the first minute of fake cable access, and roll down the windows. If you have hair that is long enough it will blow in the wind.

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