Caustic Rainbow is the newest solo project from Andrew Tomasello, a locally-grown, astral-minded fellow who has bounced around New England for the last decade while refining his own methods for mind-expansion via guitar and electronics such as FX units, samplers, and analog synths. He recently “settled” back here in Boston and has shed the moniker Eat Cloud for something new but just as evocative, which applies to the music as well as the name-change. His recent sets have seen him continuing to push onward through shimmering zones of melodic and emotionally-engaging ambience which may be familiar to fans of classics like No Pussyfooting as well as the more chaotic “blissed-out” sounds of Sunroof!, Neil Campbell, and Growing. He’s been busy recording so keep an eye out for some new releases from him, possibly a full-length by the year’s end. In the meantime you can catch him live this Friday night at Video Underground and check out this video he produced with the help of his room-mate and local recordist Dan G.

– Will Mayo

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