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It’s probably obvious if you’ve been paying attention to this website or the line up of shows we book; BLUES CONTROL is one of our favorite bands. They just flaunt it. As Cory and Ellie and Anya would say they let their Freak Flag fly. And they do so freely. If you are looking for a band that will continually give you the unexpected, and all the while keep it interesting BLUES CONTROL would be a very good place to start. VALLEY TANGENTS is their latest record, appearing on the DRAG CITY label. And here we have a vid for their tune “Open Air” from that record. This one is a mellow piano meander, a sound found throughout VALLEY TANGENTS. And while I still love their fuzzed out post-psychedelic grooves the most, I accept the peace that this duo offers in a track like this. Much love to these Pennsylvanians may we cross paths again soon.

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