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Off the beaten path (like way off, and face down in a vernal pool) pop from people getting all stirred up and stirring thing up in that wonderful southern Vermont burg, Brattleboro. BLANCHE BLANCHE BLANCHE make obscuro pop jams, and have had a hold of our third ear for some time yes. NNA TAPES is releasing a new tape of theirs called WOODEN BALL and its a doosie, following in the footsteps of their many past releases, and continuing to provide a shining example of the truth of New England underground pop. Sarah Smith and Zach Phillips (OSR TAPES) have blessed us once again. The vid below is for the track “TED Talks” off WOODEN BALL. The video is a fast edit video collage of Brattleboro people vid livin amongst the TED talkers as synth pop deviance bubbles about, vocals slinking down into and blasting forth from its ooze for a minute and a half. Radical. And yesah you got it: WEIRD. Much love.

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