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We were lucky enough to put on a show for BEACH HOUSE several years back as part of one of the Baltimore Round Robin tours, and they were great then, and they have continued to be great. Dreamy pop, hypnotizing pop, melodies crisp and clear as a spring day. If you want to talk about dream pop in this day age, you want to be talking about BEACH HOUSE. Last year they released the album BLOOM, their fourth full length, on SUB POP. Here we have the song “Wishes” from BLOOM. The song is a slowing ascending magical nugget, evoking visions of fireflies drifting through the wood at dawn when I close my eyes. I shit you not. And then there’s this video. Directed by Eric Wareheim of TIM AND ERIC fame, and starring Ray Wise (Leland Palmer on TWIN PEAKS) in the center of a the strangest color guard show ever dreamed of. Great stuff. Wonderful pairing of music and images.

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