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BAXTER STOCKTON is not John Stockton’s twin brother who actually plays basketball like how he looks, no! BAXTER STOCKTON is a heavy Finnish rock group trading in the sounds and audio pummel of full throttle noise rock. We’re talking beastly scumrock here, the kind I haven’t really heard in some time. Monstrous, beefy, surely frightening to some AM REP sphere sonic wallop for making brains explode. I come to this band beckoned by the EKTRO label (run by members of the forever heady CIRCLE) which released the band’s latest recordings (alongside KULT OF NIHILOW) and first full length, a thing called PUNTER. The video here is for the song “Labour”, a song good for a bass smashing, and whilst you are unconscious a guitar strangling. When listening and closing my eyes I see a large undulating pile of thud (mud?), barbed wire wrapped all around it, and an angry creature bellowing from atop the mass. And there it is. Haven’t really been smacked in the face like this by a song in a while. I’m awake now, and I’m giving this a thumbs up. So, please leave me alone?

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