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Halifax is the north east North American city that gets most lost in the shuffle I feel. Isolated and all alone out there in the Atlantic; we’re not that far away here in Boston, but you still need to get across the border and drive for like 15 hours to get there. So despite our relative geographic closeness there is not much interaction between much of New England and Halifax as far as I know. Correct me if I am wrong. And it’s too bad because the city has a great musical history (The Super Friendz being my favorite Haligonian export) that continues today that I would love to see and hear intermingle with us strange music makers and aficionados hear in Boston. CROSSS is one such contemporary Halifax band that should demand the attention of your ears. Their sound is a mysterious doom laden psych-pop thing, 90s indie rock and grunge sounds colliding, but with that crucial ingredient, originality, also in the mix. Kind of a sound that the Boston of now loves (Fat History Month, Pile, Speedy Ortiz). Their first record is called “Obsidian Spectre” out shortly on TELEPHONE EXPLOSION, and the video we present to you is for the song “Lucky Loki”. The video is an eye catcher, pretty weird (just how we like it), while the song is a downer psych-pop gem that owes a serious debt to early doom metal. Of course that’s doom as filtered through the ingrained sounds of the last 30 some odd years. Fuck yeah Halifax, what else you got? Oh yeah, also, dudes from CROSSS, why no Boston date? People would love you here. Whole album streams below.

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