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Oh so nasty psychedelic sludge punk from Melbourne my friends. USELESS CHILDREN have been around for a few years and have a handful of releases under their belt. Their music froths at the mouth like the best punk rock does, but they are working with some interesting sounds, and the bass player definitely brings some groove to the proceedings (when the band is not veering off into either post-punk herk and jerk or psychedelic expanse). A record released earlier this year on IRON LUNG RECORDS (home to the awesome TOTAL CONTROL amongst others) is called POST ENDING // PRE COMPLETION and you are going to really really like it if you are anything like me and are wanting for something that fits into the overlap of a Venn Diagram with RESIDUAL ECHOS on one side and A FRAMES on the other. One of the guys from feedtime appears on this record as well. Heavy music for weirdos, yup. “Locked Groove” is devastating. An amazing drum beat, groovy bass, loud spinning guitar, and cool affected vocals. This whole album has been stuck in my ears for a while now. Excuse me I’m going to listen to it some more now, and you are bothering me.

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