“ZZTOP STONER CRUST” is the self inflicted descriptor that the scummy Boston weirdos of TRASHAWK have hoisted upon themselves. And after listening to their latest two jams on bandcamp I can’t really disagree too much. I mean they sound nothing like ZZ TOP, unless you’re talking about what ZZ TOP sounds like after 37 beers, 3 ounces of marijuana, a partial shave, 3 days passed out on an Allston sidewalk (only during the most sun baked hours), and a brain hemorrhage. “Garfield’s Revenge” is what made me want to write something about these guys. It’s where the stoner comes in, but more than anything it’s a lo-fi fried guitar scum groover. Remember that band from NH SCISSORFIGHT? Probably not, and yeah the name I know, but great band. Anyway it sounds like if they melted. This isn’t a lot to go off of, but I think things could go really right with this crew.

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