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imageSLOVENLY wanted to make sure that we didn’t forget about these garage punk gods, Syracuse’s THE PENETRATORS. Haven’t heard of them? That’s okay, it’s been awhile, the recordings on this reissue are from 1976-84 but they still sound as fresh as a daisy (buried in dirt) in 2013. There is a whole lot of 60’s influence in THE PENETRATORS’ special brand of garage punk sleaze, and this lo-fi (remastered for the slovenly release) recording couldn’t be more imperfectly perfect. Hm, 60’s influence…Lo-fi recording…sounds like what a lot of bands are trying to emulate right now, let this record be an inspiration to you, because it’s done right. This whole thing is excellent, from the perfectly corny “#1 Band in Town” (why not write a completely self serving theme song?) to the snotty masterpiece “Drive Me Crazy” (I used to be obnoxious, but now I’m in a band, so I’ve toned it down a bit, I hope you understand). I should also point out that you should probably WATCH the rejected from MTV video for “Shopping Bag” because it’s pretty amazing.

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