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Generally I’m not trying to get down with covers, but here is an absolute exception for several reasons. Bogota, Columbia’s MERIDIAN BROTHERS put out one of the coolest records of late last year in DESEPERANZA. You have to check it out, an incredible amalgamation of salsa and other Latin sounds, psychedelic rock and synthesizers that shouldn’t belong but do. I realized that we never wrote about the band in regards to that record, so when I saw that they had a new 7″ out I knew that I must take the opportunity to shell out some love. The band is the outpouring of Eblis Álvarez, apparently a heady character in Bogata’s experimental music circles. His approach is so fascinating for it’s reverence and obvious knowledge of the classic cumbia, salsa and other sounds being toyed with, and Álvarez’s ability to seamlessly meld more out of bounds arrangements and improvisational passages to them. This band will serve and has served as a great jumping off point for many (including myself) into the world of cumbia (traditional, experimental, and strange) and beyond. I love the minimalist approach, the otherworldly nature of these sounds, and the fact that you could absolutely dance to this music if you so desired. A new MERIDIAN BROTHERS 7″ featuring a great cover of JIMI HENDRIX’s “Purple Haze” was just released by SOUNDWAY RECORDS, the same people who also released their last record. Check this out. And also check out what Angela Sawyer had to say about this 7″ on a recent WEIRDO RECORDS ROUNDUP. Find “Purple Haze” and a track from DESEPERANZA below.

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