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From one of the men behind SUBLIME FREQUENCIES I would expect nothing less than an album of psych folk (and at times rock) songs recorded in Cairo and featuring a crack team of Cairo musicians bringing his beautiful and compelling songs to life with verve and strange feeling. Alvarius B. (Alan Bishop) is obviously also one of the SUN CITY GIRLS, and here with his Egyptian band mates he has crafted a unique and strange record full of pop songs and odd lyrical sentiments. From what I’ve heard of the album there are more than enough lyrical and musical asides, and flourishes to make this an intriguing listen over and over again. If you were coming straight from SUN CITY GIRLS to this you would be right in thinking that this self titled record by THE INVISIBLE HANDS takes a more straight forward approach to song structure and craft, but man, how could it not! I am taking this as what it is, one of the Bishops making music in 2013, and I think it’s pretty engaging stuff. “Soma” is THE INVISIBLE HANDS song that I could get my hands to stream here. It’s a folk rocker, replete with piano accompaniment, string embellishment, and background non-lexical vocables. It rips fairly well, in a gentle way actually, and then eases away into a finger picking drone for the song’s end. Sweet new tunes from a guy neck deep in the underground music of the U.S. and the world, and a true warrior of new and engaging sounds. THE INVISIBLE HANDS’ s/t record is out now on ABDUCTION RECORDS.

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