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Ok, THE COLTRANES, new breed amalgamators working over in the territory where punk meets metal meets hardcore. Have to say I haven’t heard a melding of these sounds sound so fresh in a while. These guys are probably strange enough so as not to be liked by the most hardened purists of any of the aforementioned genres, but they seem to me to truly come to the basement steeped in a real understanding of what it is they are up to. Two vocalists, one taking a more hardcore bark approach, the other getting quite a bit closer to a Danzig thing, all over start and stop hardcore blended seamlessly with punk and much sweet riffage. Listening to their latest output, NEVER SLEEP AGAIN (only as fresh as mid-2012), I’m hearing a bunch of heyday METALLICA as well as JAY REATARD. It isn’t often that bands understand how to serve at the alter of the almighty riff AND know how to work vocal melodies AND are able to pull off impressive enough throat throttle. “Grease Spot” rips with abandon oscillating between sung and screamed vocals coming off like a true melding of punk and thrash, living up to its name and only leaving a soiled memory of fuzz in your mind once it’s 2 and a half minutes are up. Love the fade out creep riff. True California scuzz rock made fresh. I am feeling this band.

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