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I will say again, we don’t write about metal and related music here at the Hassle very often (We love it, but we just aren’t tuned in enough. Join us and broaden the Hassle palate through your metalheaded-ness!) but sometimes I just need to get past the point of not knowing what I’m talking about so that I can present you with awesome human sounds. This is one of those cases. SPACE BONG (I know I know, really I know) hail from Adelaide, Australia and I shit you not, they kick up some of strangest, gnarliest, groove heavy riff worship doom/sludge/crust metal that I’ve heard in a long while. Dual vocalists (death metal and crust represented), epic length songs, the sludgiest grooves, and forays into noise-scapery and psychedelia. It’s really a trip, and if heavy music is what you crave you must hear this band. This stream is actually far from new, but it’s new to me so…SPACE BONG’s most recent record is called THE DEATH OF UTOPIA, and it came out in 2009. Four tracks, but coming in at over an hour long. The heaviness found within makes me completely forget that the band called themselves SPACE BONG (no simple feat). Each track plays like a suite in a way, moving from different takes on metal through walls of feedback, and other mysterious sounds, down through wells of anguished screech and horror, and back around to more extreme Sabbath-isms for taking in the poison of your choice. I will be enjoying this record all summer long with my like minded friends. I only wish I’d heard about it 4 years ago! Maybe there’s a new record on the way at this point? One can only hope.

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