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Fully interacting with and utilizing the many facets of the broad landscape of electronic music is what German producer SIRIUSMO is all about. This refusal to stay between the lines of genre is what draws me to his music (not to mention the heavy electro, and 8-bit music influences in his sounds). MONKEYTOWN has just released SIRIUSMO’s second record ENTHUSIAST, the long awaited, and oft delayed follow up to his debut MOSAIK. It’s full of the aforementioned sounds, some fried disco, and a heavily synth propelled house music that often times screams pop EDM, but just as often takes a left turn you did not see coming. There’s just not a whole lot that sounds like this happening out there (that I’m hearing at least), and the music is all the more exciting for that reason. SIRIUSMO has made beats for SNOOP DOGG (or whatever the hell he’s called) and the kind of pop electro approach that you would expect in such a situation pops up all over the album. “Stinky Wig” could work in this way with it’s piano leads brushing up against bubbling synths and house tropes. This track really feels like an epic hip-hop instrumental in a lot of ways. They are not found here but MCs actually do show up on other tracks from ENTHUSIAST. The title track “Enthusiast” comes off like a skweee tune, that’s energy is allowed to ebb and flow concluding in a mellow ambient take on the theme. I’m a sucker for the music experimentalists who aren’t afraid to tread in pop territory (or is it the other way around?), and I’ve been had again by SIRIUSMO.

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