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SFN are a Madison, Wisconsin powerviolence band with releases on such labels as 625 Trashcore and Drugged Conscience. SFN plays the most pissed off powerviolence around, with a raw and thrashing sound. Common points of reference are Crossed Out and Man Is The Bastard, although the MITB influence comes mostly through the healthy dose of noise on songs like “Inadequate.” This is powerviolence as it should be, full of aggression and anger, while not being just another Spazz or Infest wannabe. I’m not sure how active the band is but their last 7”, 2010’s Itching (highly recommended), can still be found in various distros around the net. Members are also in the fastcore band MELLOW HARSHER. Streaming below are the three SFN songs from the long awaited SFN/In Disgust split 5”, coming out at some point this year on Drugged Conscience.

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