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The exceptional DIGITALIS RECORDINGS label, based out of Tulsa, has provided us with a truly mind melt causing recording in the form of SLIME CODE, the new recording from London’s SCULPTURE. An audio/visual performance duo, these two present a truly unique performance in which they pair their wildly inventive, and mind bending electronic experiments with projected fragments of looped images created by spinning zoetropic discs. Needs to be seen. I need to see it! Anyway, here with the wonderfully titled SLIME CODE, which features 2 side long tracks, this pair has created a world of intersecting rhythms, mesmerizing blasted passages of blip smashing up against submerged noise cascades, and full on suites of out of control, sometimes rhythmic, sometimes not, electronic splendor. Spoken word samples invade at times, and at one moment around the 13 minute mark on side A I thought that I might be hearing what it would sound like if the whole of Funspot began to malfunction all at once. Deep and adventurous strangeness from an impressive duo and an impressive label.

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