RYAN POWER is back with another streamer from his upcoming NNA LP IDENTITY PICKS. This song is called “New Attitude” and it finds Mr. Power in ballad mode. The peculiar nature of his music is on full display as the glacial pace of this synth pop hallucination marches forth. The chorus picks up a bit and then the thing steers directly into a trippy bridge that twists and turns but eventually finds its way back to the original attitude put forth by the jam. And jam it is. As weird as these songs and the songwriting approach might be to many ears, there is little doubt available to us the listener that what we are hearing is a jam. RYAN POWER is bending new wave funk over his knee and giving it what it deserves: A SPANKING.

Catch the MAN from Burlington, VT in action on JULY 12th @ Roggies basement in Cleveland Circle on the Brighton/Brookline line. Take the B, C or D line on the Green Line baby. That’s RYAN POWER, Guerilla Toss, Blanche Blanche Blanche (which have we mentioned how sick their new tunes are??), and Son of Salami ya’ll.

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