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pyramidion / bongFor fans of guitar-driven psychedelic ragas, feast your ears on Glasgow’s PYRAMIDION. They’ve just released a split with sludge stoners BONG off the UK label AT WAR WITH FALSE NOISE , and boy is it a doozy. Like a prehistoric sea monster rising from the depths, fuzzy guitar riffs emerge gradually, drenched with heavy reverb and swollen with primeval dread. Layer after layer is piled on to this steaming stew, with heavenly hi notes dancing with gutter drones. Echoed vocals mumbles incomprehensible incantations, invoking the listener to wade in. Pyramidion adroiitly avoid the pitfalls of this musical style, which can so quickly lose steam and get lost in a repetitive bore. Instead they wield the energy with a loose yet highly compelling flow evidently honed from late night sessions. The guitar meanders through hidden crevices, blooms into potent exuberance, and shrieks like a lone voice in the wilderness, before slowly deflating to an end that feels so natural, you’ll want to hit replay and ride this rollercoaster again and again. Get it here.

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