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Talkin’ & walkin’ post-punk rock of some kind and I love it. We have that mid tempo stomp going on, but this isn’t any kind of straight punk thing, these Detroit fellows get pretty noisy and gnarly in their take on the form that I love so. That form? That would be the meld of garage rock and punk rock (and post-punk), the meeting of attitudinally driven energy and sub-pop songwriting. Whatever it is, whatever I describe it as, I know that it is good. And I am trying to convey this simple message to you. This is the forever music PROTOMARTYR makes. The music that can’t die and is impervious to trends. It comes from in here and it is not tainted, or at least if it is, I can’t tell. What he is rambling on about? Rock distilled, and fueled by the past but erupting new and full of vigor. Would love to see these guys live. An LP came out last year called NO PASSION ALL TECHNIQUE on URINAL CAKE RECORDS. “Ypsilanti” rips along at exactly the right pace calling for me to nod my head and get pleasantly excited as guitars and perfectly off key vocals push the whole thing along through its 3 minutes. These guys do just enough very right.

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