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I’m not going to lie to you. I am not the hugest fan of shoegaze and its various descendant sounds. I’m not averse to the sound, in fact I love some bands that would surely be classified as such, it’s just that the sound and myself, we never shared too much of a romance. But NO JOY? I’ve been down with NO JOY for a while. Their sound has surely borne, and surely bears the trappings of the previously mentioned genre, but there has always been more to this Montreal band’s approach and execution. I’m a sucker for good pop, and NO JOY is good pop, beautifully constructed songs coated in layers of fuzz. Really I think they are more aptly called a noise-pop band, and that’s what I’ll explicitly go with moving forward to describe the hummable, at times pounding racket that this trio stirs up. We have here a video for a song called “Lunar Phobia” from the band’s new record WAIT TO PLEASURE out on the lovely MEXICAN SUMMER. It certainly sounds like the 90s up in here, and in the best way possible. Snakey basslines rumble beneath the wall of effects laden guitars, mingling with simple electronic drums, as singer Jasamine dreamily ponders away. The backing vocals are also so right on with this band. Bliss for the dream poppers. When it’s this good I am one of them. We have to get this band in on a Hassle show. They’re our neighbors to the north dammit.

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