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Unsettling and dense synthesizer compositions; although you’d be hard pressed to get a stranger to understand what you were talking about by stringing those words together to describe Detroit’s NATE YOUNG-REGRESSION. Serious haunted house music is perhaps not weighty enough, but in ways it is an apt descriptor for the music now made by this former member of NAUTICAL ALMANAC and current member of WOLF EYES. The music is cinematic, often ploddingly creeping along seriously invoking a sense of unease. Experimental electronic synth compositions rarely wrap me up like this. Thus is the power of this electronic explorer. REGRESSION came out with a new record on the great NNA TAPES a few months back. BLINDING CONFUSION is a ride. With the headphones on this thing really unfurls around you. “The Bastard Gums” is filled with spires of synths jutting up and out the bubbling miasma, trailing off into the black of space. Seriously, young David Lynches should be looking to Mr. Young for their soundtracks. “When Nothing Works” starts in space, way out there where the only sounds are those jarring screams of the ether. Aliens? The universe itself? Lost souls burdened with an eternity of wandering the timelessness of space? It’s hard to say, but Nate Young has harnessed that cry. A little more than half way through the whole thing gives way to the sparse interaction of different textural synth patterns that would seem to signal the arrival of something. One of my favorite synth, or anything else records of this year so far I would very much have to say. Come to Boston in any form we would love to have you.

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