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mississippi landscapes
Russia might not be your first guess at an emerging music scene, but lately it seems some of the most exciting, mysterious new artists call the Great Motherland home. Future house producer Lapti and tropical psych-droner x.y.r. made big waves last year – due in large part to the internet’s democratization of media relations – and this year starts with a huge splash from newcomer MISSISSIPPI LANDSCAPES. This mysterious Moscow-based project employ heavily effected guitar, synths and minimal drum machine beats to explore the various currents in contemporary electronic experimental music. Released off the brand new Russia-US label SPACE BRIDGE RECORDS, which is apparently dedicated to promoting more DIY Russian sonic experimenteurs to an international audience, the new full length WHITE FLOWER, sounds like a playful aggregate of all contemporary groove-based music; the tracks float from dark, dreamy post-punk, through fuzzy ambient soundscapes and tropical down-tempo, into gritty lo-fi rockabilly blues-punk (a la post-Suicide Martin Rev and Dirty Beaches) and clunky, gyrating filter drones. Measured mid-song tempo changes and a peppering of pitch-twisted samples keep this psychedelic experiment feeling fresh and playful, almost mischievous in its jocular irreverence to trends. Throughout the album, M.I. demonstrate that, when you apply subtle shifts of distortion and resonance, a simple loop can contain a seemingly endless depth of sonic articulation. So tune in, drop out, and pray Space Bridge Records continues this valiant effort to expose exciting Russian artists to us jaded navel-gazers west of the defunct Iron Curtain.

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