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Another heaping helping of raw, nasty garage-punk served up by the almighty Goner Records. This is what happens when punk rock is stripped down to just its bare essentials; what rock n’ roll sounds like when there’s nothing left. Just three dudes playing sloppy, minimalist garage-punk about nothing while the world collapses around them, which is part of the reason why this 7” stands out. Though the dirty garage-punk sound has been done time and again, Manateees are so genuinely raw that they pull it off as well as anyone, and something about them sounds a tinge darker than your classic Oblivians/Teengenerate/etc. garage-punk. While the rhythm section does its job excellently, the guitar playing and vocals of frontman Abe White (True Sons of Thunder) turn this 7” from just another pretty-good punk record into something more. White’s guitar spits shards of chords and pukes up oddly unsettling and untrained single-note lines while he sings and slurs out perfectly inane lyrics: “Cat Food” is sung from the perspective of a cat begging for the titular commodity and “Treehouse” is about exactly that: a treehouse. Our wiley narrator uses this treehouse to withdraw from the world in favor of living there with his imaginary friends, where he presumably forms this band in this state of removal from society. These guys are the real deal, creating genuine unvarnished garage-punk that sets itself apart in an endless sea of imitators and rehashers. What else can you expect from Goner Records?

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