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Screwed up sample based slow jamz for the new crop of twisted weird and their like minded ilk to get busy to. I have to say that I’m part of the crew. This is an inevitable avenue to saunter down in this day of musical shenanigans, and it has its merit. I really like this aesthetic of twisted up AOR jamz being smashed into psychedelia. I also enjoy that all the tracks are titled in, I think Japanese symbols, or unitled. In reading about this, I see that people are as always lumping this and like minded efforts into newly created genres and whatnot. I don’t care for identifying music by ephemeral subgenres that no one will remember in a year, so I will just say that MACINTOSH PLUS is like sludge dance pop, or like music for Ogres to get it on to as my co-worker offers up. This is at its best when most bent, and I’m feeling “?????” (these are supposed to the Japenese, or whatever, symbols, but they’re not showing up for me) and it’s stuttering synth and laid back groove. Once the dispensaries open, you should go get your medicine and sit down with this. This album is called FLORAL SHOPPE and it was released on cassette via BEER ON THE RUG.

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