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MAXIMUM ROCKNROLL hilariously said of LOVESORES, “It’s in the vein of THE HUMPERS or LAZY COWGIRLS (in their dreams) the singer annoys the fuck out of me.” The singer in question is in fact Scott “Deluxe” Drake, whom you may be more familiar with as THE SINGER OF THE HUMPERS, and while we’re at it fellow HUMPER Jeff Fieldhouse is also in LOVESORES. Sounding absolutely nothing like what the title “BUBBLEGUM RIOT” suggests, this EP is six tracks of punch-you-in-the-mouth rocknroll debauchery, if you’ve been feeling nostalgic for 90’s west coast garage this is really gonna do it for you. Riff after riff of beer swilling good times, this band proves that the Drake/Fieldhouse formula still works in 2013, but I don’t think they’re trying too hard to sound like their previous bands. The kind of psychotic swagger these guys possess must be ingrained by now, and it is gushing out of all of them on this record, this is the music they were born to make. New album currently being mastered now, I hope this means there is a tour to follow!

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