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Well, I can’t tell you much about this band. I stumbled across them while looking at what’s new on DEAD BEAT. LEBAKKO are a punk band from Finland and POPKORNIKAUPPA is the name of the debut LP that they’ve just released. Sadly there is only one song streaming from their bandcamp page, and I can’t find a damn thing about them online. “Suomalainen Ruletti” or “Finnish Roulette” has piqued my interest though, this is a neat little punk song, a lot of detail packed into just a couple of minutes but it works. It sounds like they probably like Hüsker Dü a lot but I can’t even begin to describe what this sounds like, they’re really doing their own thing. I like that their take on melodic punk isn’t sissy, and they aren’t afraid to blend somewhat aggressive sounding vocals with “ooh oohs” in the background. Also I totally respect that they’ve only made one track available, now I have to BUY the record! I also recommend checking out the older stuff they have streaming on BANDCAMP.

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