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An absolute mind bender from New Zealand and courtesy of MONIKER RECORDS and of course the artists themselves, KRAUS. The band has been around since the mid-2000s and have put out many releases at this point, but I believe this is only their 2nd LP. And it’s quite a listening experience. An aural episode that wafts between ancient sounding synthesizer wandering, cosmic guitar experiments, and out and out fuzz in your face guitar shred is what you are in for if you dare to place this platter on your turntable (or whatever it is that you do when you listen to music). This is a wild record and one that I’ve been playing non-stop. There are no vocals to be found on this thing, this thing called SUPREME COMMANDER, this fried fried thing. This is a record made by folks steeped in experimental and underground music, clearly having been influenced by many strains of separate strange from all over the world, and time.The atmosphere presented here is both free and deeply polluted, a place I need to be, but know to be deeply corrupted. Yeah. The best moments here are when the influences sprayed across these 12 tracks collide full on, folding in on each other a bit. “Flute” stretches out early with fried guitar wilding out in the sweetest way possible over some distant drum thump. Only then does drunken synth emerge, pushing the drums more out front, slithering and slathering it’s electronic slime in every direction. Heady jam. Something here for the psych heads, the experimental weirdos, and the synth obsessed, and maybe even beyond that. Certainly an early contender for best of lists in my book.

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