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I give to thee HEADBOGGLE. An electronic experimenter of the highest order, San Francisco’s HEADBOGGLE (Derek Gedalecia) provides us with sound worlds, the sounds pulled from synthesizers yes, but employed in strange and fascinating ways. His collages feature deep textural layers, musical landscapes created in advance which Gedalecia then populates with shapes, characters, and ideas drawn from his electronics pile. His pairing of synthesizers and field recordings gives his music (of which there is a serious trove including last years s/t LP on SPECTRUM SPOOLS, and his most recent release the BACKED TAPE on BAKED TAPES) a grounding in musique concrete, and from there it extends outward. This new tape I just mentioned BACKED TAPE, is indeed made up partially of some of HEADBOGGLE’s live set backing tracks from shows in 2011, so maybe if you were lucky you’ve heard pieces of this previously. “Quirk” is a propulsive descent into a dark chasm, paranoid shards of synths strengthening, cool being lost, the deeper into the trench we travel. Weird and thought provoking stuff. Most of the tape is found below, but you’re going to have to buy it to hear some of the longer pieces. Engrossing, adventurous electronic music.

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