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Rock gets built up. Rock gets knocked down. Rock gets built up again. And so on and so forth. It’s been quite a while since rock got built up actually. 20+ years I guess right? Rock will probably never really be coming back anywhere near the glories that it once achieved, ubiquity brushing up against its nether regions. So where are we now rock? The lengthy period of falling ended sometime back when the genre’s corpse plowed into the dirt. But since then the festering miasma of what remained has seeped deeply and darkly into the earth. This is the infected zone where real rock music lives today. And the GARY WRONG GROUP are denizens of this place, a place most would not dare approach. By no means are they by themselves in this here place, but in this world of disturbed rock music they hold their own. And with a new record they send a missive back into the atmosphere not caring if anyone cares, but full of their own obvious shitty care for rock music in 2013. KNIGHTS OF MISERY is the latest, a 12″ from this crew of dented dudes from Mobile. This is rock music at the bone. Sludgified , psychedelicized, scuzzed out, and stretched by performance enhancing drugs, rock music it remains. Bits of strange sounds are flecked all over this thing. And the riffs are ripping. And the vocals are drowning. And the twists and turns are unpredictable and weird. “Heroin Beach Serpents Attack” starts us off with a sweetly out of tune guitar riff. This one lets scuzz riffs fly. A dark hued take on scummy garage rock, with swirling primitive electronics I end up thinking of bands like SIMPLY SAUCER. Definite proto-punk vibe. “Streets of Iron” takes 77′ American punk and squeezes it real hard until it turns blue and green and then tells it it’s sorry, it was only playing around. GARY WRONG GROUP I invite you to play BOSTON HASSLE FEST 5 in November. Let us know. Also we’ll be in touch. Great ripping strange punk. New 12″ out on TOTAL PUNK and JEFF ROW RECORDS. And oh yeah QUINTRON is the drummer in this band?!

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