A strange, shimmering pop group is working out of Cambridge, MA and we over here at the Hassle have been feeling them for a while now. While it is but a river that separates us from our friends in Cambridge, it sometimes feels as if the music making circles found there are somewhat opaque. Some bands just continually wind up in your field of vision whether you are seeking them or not though, and FUTURE CARNIVORES have been one of those bands for me. Whether it was via the experimental music making of keyboardist/vocalist Noelle Dorsey, the long acquaintanceship with guitarist Reuben Bettsak (also of GUILLERMO SEXO), or some other forgotten means I found my way to FUTURE CARNIVORES and their spacey brand of indie rock. And it is true that the band just released a new record called COME INSIDE which bears traces of new wave, glam rock, krautrock, and other varieties of psychedelia all anchored by Bo and Noelle’s crooning co-ed vocal approach. “Come Inside”, the record’s 7th track, is a droning pop thing, the vocals working more as a textural element alongside the chiming keyboard work. The song washes over you making you want for more as its 3:48 running time passes by fleetingly. A great live band as well, remember the name when checking the evening’s listings.

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