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It is often a sign of living, interesting music when a duo lauded as two of <insert city here> ‘s best improvisers meet in either the live setting or on record. There are exceptions to this line of thinking (no one is going to wet their pants over the notion of say Derry, NH’s two best improvisers coming together. Sorry Derry, it had to be somewhere. And sorry to Derry’s improviser’s, I am ignorant of your scene and yes there is the possibility that it rips) but most of the time something interesting will come out of such sonic get togethers. FUCK OFF DAD is two of Calgary’s best improvisers throwing down in the same room together, and…for goodness sake this is a screamer, a mild melt, a bombastic display of dexterity handing itself over to the squelch side. FUCK OFF DAD tear at your ears having clearly attended the same melting parish as KEIJI HAINO, living somewhere in the community near where your favorite 90s no wavers went furthest off the tracks. A drums and guitar duo, Eric Hamelin and Eddie Dalrymple have pushed themselves over the cliff with this 6 track album of generally blasted and mean tugging and pulling and face smashing improv noise rock. All sorts of strange sounds bubble up throughout this listen. And it’s not ear saws the whole way through (though it mostly is) as the pair get down to ambient minimalism on the second to last track, and tackle cleaner bouts of fried sounds at times as well. If duo guitar and drum rampages followed and their inevitable counterpart, the meltdown, are the kind of noises you enjoy putting between the noggin from time to time then you no doubt have something fresh in this self titled album to deal with. Deal with it from UNIT STRUCTURE SOUND RECORDINGS.

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