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Memphis weird punk masters EX-CULT not only have a new 7″ coming out, but they are also playing HERE in BOSTON tomorrow with Tampoffs, Nice Guys, and OBN IIIs. Before I talk about how awesome this new EX-CULT track is, I am going to take a moment to gush about OBN IIIs. If you missed them last summer when they played at Radio, that means that you absolutely positively have to come to the show at Great Scott tomorrow, I mean, the whole lineup is great and obviously this little thing here really is about EX-CULT, but DO NOT MISS OBN IIIs, if you know what’s good for you. Got it? Okay, back to the task at hand, this new EX-CULT song is great. “Mister Fantasy” has an ominous edge to it, dreary guitars drift across the background while the rhythm section never lets up, it’s kind of like being pulled in two different strange directions, one way is a dark psychedelic forest of doom and mystery, the other just reminds me of being a teenager and the way anything loud and fast made me go batshit crazy…You can bet your butt I’ll be picking up this 7″ at the show tomorrow.

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