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Endless variations (well, there’s actually only ten of them) of super minimal repeating, cycling patterns squeezed out of the synthesizers of Stephen Sharp and Roc Jiménez de Cisneros. This is the bent electronic strangeness that you are faced with when your gaze meets with that of EVOL’s new record for (the always mind bursting) EDITIONS MEGO. This new record is called PROPER HEADSHRINKERS and it is the group’s 5th and it follows in the footsteps of their equally warped and deconstructed RAVE SLIME from a few years back. These guys approach rave music in a way related to how LEE GAMBLE has approached jungle. Each track on the record is exactly 3 minutes long and each sounds as if it is the death utterance of a different electronic worm variety giving it a final series of wriggles before giving up the worm ghost. I read about these pieces originating in a gallery show which featured a quote from theoretical physicist Andrei Linde on the wall. “Like a balloon producing balloons, producing balloons”, referring to Linde’s eternal chaotic inflation theory of the multiverse, was written on the wall behind the speakers playing these sounds. And indeed, as theories of the multiverse are on the fringe of science; are the boundary at which scientists are pushing to look for knowledge about what the hell it is that happened to bring us to this point. So are these sounds created by EVOL at the fringe of electronic dance music. Dance removed from the equation. “Rave Synthesis” as these gentlemen call it. Or maybe not removed from the equation at all. Maybe these sounds just transport one into some strange other plane/universe where the laws that govern are completely foreign, and we are simply going to have to learn how everything works all over again.

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