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ESTROGEN HIGHS are a band that we’ve been trying to get to play up here for years but one which has proven elusive for one reason or another (until today that is). Truly one of the great garage rock bands in the New England area, their sound is almost definitely also informed by post-punk ideas. Clearly also a band with a great name they now put out records on TROUBLE IN MIND, a label that really knows what they are doing in the rock arena. It really is a shame that this bunch does not head up to Boston more because they spew exactly the kind of garage rock meets punk sound that the bands in this area might want to get a big ol’ heaping earful of. Serious. IRRELEVANT FUTURE was released last year on TROUBLE IN MIND and comes after a handful of previous LPs/7″s/tapes. You should check it out, nasty mid-tempo stomp. Most recently came a cassette from the SAFETY MEETING label called LIVE AT CAFE NINE, a live recording of the band at the titular venue. And while I love their recordings, live is where you wanna catch ESTROGEN HIGHS, and this cassette is the proof. “Temporary Spaces” feels like some kind of lost Minutemen track, a herky jerky guitar riff ricocheting off a steady beat. Vocals with just the right amount of attitude get spit atop the whole thing while a snaky bass works its way around the song beneath. It takes talent to do so much, and to do it so interestingly in the rock context. These guys have always had it, and they have truly refined their approach into a primal rock attack that I could listen to endlessly. New Haven!
And oh yeah, go see them in 6 hours on a bill stacked top to bottom with garage rock and dope indie rawk moves!! We proudly present this show and ESTROGEN HIGHS alongside our dear friends @ B.O.W. Shows and Ride The Snake Records.

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