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Pop music generally exists on some strange horizons, zones where bodily discomfort and euphoric glee intermingle and interact. Like the outer fringes of early punk and industrial waves, some artists are able to emphasize the strange physicality of their creations. French musician Èlg has joined these fearless ranks. His latest, La Chimie, is a collection of tracks from limited run EPs and radio broadcasts out now on SDZ records. Throughout the record, Èlg provides very few reference points – here and there are shades of Throbbing Gristle’s industrial whines and whirrs, while the operatic nonsense vocalizations remind one of Scott Walker’s work in the last few decades, especially last year’s eerily physical Bish Bosch. Comparisons aside, these tracks come out of a different plane of musical intuition, one where pop music is constantly acknowledged while being simultaneously dismembered, investigated, and eaten. Take a listen to “De Salem” and “Notringo Indigo”, two of the album’s highlights, below courtesy of SDZ; grab La Chimie right here.

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