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Some kind of super group or something right here. Electro-trance out from EGYPTIAN SPORTS NETWORK the moniker attached to the combined output of Matt from DUCKTAILS and Spencer from THE SKATERS. As an avowed fan of both parties involved I expected some merge of experimental and pop musical decision making and christ if that’s not what this record by these two, INSTERSTITAL LUXOR is. Layers of synthesizers pervade, often a bed of lush ambient sounds, a rhythmic riff mingling with electronic drums if present, with a bent melodic lead stretching over it all. The synth sounds and approaches are myriad, making this far from a dull foray into psychedelic electronica. It is the broad outlook and approach of the performers (and obviously their inner gifts) that make this an intriguing listen; the record careening from bizarre dance music to psychedelic drift, but never settling too long. Like the shark, swim or die. There is no doubt appeal here for those into the electronic psychedelic groove thang, but this record is more interesting than just another entry into that ever growing blissed out soundworld. “Leo In Cyan” is one of the five tracks from INSTERSTITAL LUXOR, and here the duo is joined by Mark from EMERALDS truly furthering super group idea. A simmering batch of new agey synths and rhythmic riffs, and errant stabs takes form oozing into the ears and eventually being joined by an Eastern fried zurna synth free-for-all. Fun stuff with a real undercurrent of interesting ideas out on NEW IMAGES (who put out that last amazing PC WORSHIP record).

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