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This is a weird one, folks. These Swedes residing in France aren’t afraid to get downright strange on their HOZAC RECORDS debut, serving up a heaping helping of bizarre, synth-post-garage-punk, whatever that means. To these ears, it fits in nicely with the weirder, synthier Mind Spiders or Spits tracks, though sometimes veers further into odd (and awesome) synth-based soundscapes, as on “Nightstick.” The album sports the sort of bleak, frigid atmosphere that first weirded people out all those years ago on Devo, Kraftwerk, and Joy Division records, but still keeps enough of the relatively grounded garage-punk spirit, as on “TV Screen,” to avoid completely leaving the confines of Earth and blasting off into the stratosphere. The album’s coolest moments occur when these two strains, that of synth-based post-punk and garage-punk, come together, as on “Slay Them.” This standout track sounds vaguely like a robot thumping out its approximation of a propulsive garage-punk beat and another playing it’s dark little electronic heart out on a very fuzzy synth while a child-like and innocent vocal is blasted through ancient computer speakers. One very strange blog post alleges that BLACK BUG are a time traveling Minor Threat, so make of that what you will, but it wouldn’t be surprising in the least if that mad hypothesis turned out to be entirely true. I can’t entirely decide what to make of this LP, but I know that I love it. Whatever it may mean, it’s certainly a refreshing, weird, and oddly catchy listen that, like a Kraken from outer space, will draw you in and will not let go.

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