Local winos Animal Mother debut their 5 song assault; a classic pissed-off, good-time throat-grabber. Featuring members of St. Ripper, Red Thread, Bad Idea and Tomboy, AMOM played their first show a couple of months ago (on a stacked bill of first-timers, all of whom should be watched:- Sunshine Ward, Leather Daddy, Spitting Earth and Knives, if you must know).
Animal Mother have honed their unfettered pummel, a brash DIY punk, into a whirlwind five to six song set (seven if yer counting covers), and that is all the world needs right now. It’s a noisy dirge of crowd pleaser riffs and Anarcho D-beat stomp all played with the right mix of abandon and precision, with the bass and drums locked in and loud.
One risks the accusation of tokenism when pointing out the genders, ages, races and orientations of any group, to be damn sure. But as a long-time observer/participant, it’s worth pointing out that the Boston hardcore punk scene, long rooted in male-dominated robot machismo, there have been few acts completely populated by females, and certainly not many that project this much venom. It’s an encouraging shift of perception and mentality, and it may be beyond the point where it’s even worth bringing up, because it really shouldn’t matter. Perhaps it shows my age, but I can’t really remember a time where there was this much momentum towards a binary-free scene, conscious or not.
Either way, great stuff here, and A-MOM plays the MIGHTY Smash it Dead Fest, on MARCH 29th @ The Democracy Center, with a lineup for the history books. The demo in physical form (among other things) is available here

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