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Alan Licht – Four Years Older



For his first solo outing in four years, avant guitar veteran Alan Licht delivers a unique glimpse of his creative process across two visceral swarms of six-string beauty. According to Editions Mego, the fantastic label behind Four Years Older, Licht has been performing this amorphous display live for the last four years. What a treat it is, then, to see the evolution of such an immense guitar piece. Listeners won’t have a difficult time picking out the common threads between the 2009 debut of “Four Years Earlier” and the studio recorded “Four Years Later” – Licht alternates between tense, winding freedom and blankets of hypnotic patterns on both. These two performances are totally different monsters, though, and more one listens to Licht’s distinct stylistic development between “Earlier” and “Later,” the closer they get to gazing intimately at the process linking the two together. Four Years Older succeeds by inviting listeners in to Licht’s creative world and letting them see at least a few more of the cards up his sleeve. Stream an excerpt from “Later” below, and pick up the LP from Mego here.

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