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I was looking for a good dose of WHAT AM I LISTENING TO?! And I found it in Houston’s own AK’CHAMEL. The band presents a darkened aesthetic here which definitely jibes with some of their more droning excursions found on this recent tape of theirs called OLD NORSE MARA. But things aren’t TOO dark in these parts. The music is not heavy, but it certainly is mysterious with acoustic grooves shambling in circles surrounded by a thick gunk filled fog. Literally the music seemingly bubbles up right out of headphones and directly into my ears at times. Sorta pagan folk? Some sorta lo-fi version of Italy’s FATHER MURPHY? An ENNIO MORRICONE cover breaks the tape up strangely and backs away from the established murky environs of the rest of the tape. Perhaps the band’s weirdest move. I also should say that I really enjoy the vocals throughout this not Texan sounding excursion. Twisted guttural and low in the mix they are perfect for the blackened, chipmunk vocal sample strewn landscape that takes 8 songs to traverse. Watch out for these guys for two reasons: to make sure that you don’t accidentally ingest what they have ingested (unless you want to), and also to make sure that they haven’t eaten your dog.

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