Community College – “Novocain” and “Karaoke”


Community College, a side project of Horse Jumper of Love’s John Margaris, have released music sporadically since 2014, but they are coming out with their first full length album, Comco, this march under local label Disposable America. They’ve released two songs from the record already, “Novocain” and “Karaoke”. Novocain is a short, slow, slightly haunting song constructed of tessellations of build up and relief. It comes out to under 2 minutes, but it’s satisfying in its concision. John Margaris’ creaks out a single faltering verse, which is to say he perfectly performs the songs mournful aphorism.

The second song, “Karaoke” is even shorter, at only a minute, it follows John’s stream of conscious, “Karaoke is for losers, I grew up when I bought a telescope…I don’t really like to use my telescope, silly boys are on my tv screen”, the band, comprised of John’s brother Dan and John’s Horse Jumper of Love bandmate Dimitri Giannopoulos, are just along for the ride, playfully responding to Johns diction and mental wandering. These two songs vouched for a unique aesthetic and character, it will be exciting to see what Community College does with the rest of Comco.

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