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Ok, so get this. FREE PIZZA‘s latest record came out way back in March; and it is phenomenal. Really fucking phenomenal.

“But Dan,” you ask in your way, “if the record is so phenomenal, and it was thrust into reality by a band from your city (Boston), hell, even your neighborhood of that city (Jamaica Plain – “God’s sister’s country”), then why has it taken you so long to write about it?”

The first thing I’d say is, ” Who the hell are you? I don’t even know you.”

I’d follow that up with, “And a second thing, do you know how busy I am man?? Jesus.”

Then after that I’d say, “Geez, I’m really sorry. Kinda freaked out didn’t I? The real story is, as follows: One day back in probably late March I “called” this record, reserving it for myself to write up, via our MASTER TO BE REVIEWED LIST of music to write about that we source from here @ The Hassle. Everyone thus thought that the record was taken, but, then I forgot about the record.”

Next thing you know it’s yesterday, and I’m like, “Wait? Did we ever write about that sick FREE PIZZA record???” Upon checking I saw that Collins had written up the “Boston, MA” video as a FRESH VID, but NOTHING else!!! How could we all have overlooked this gem? And so my BIG MISTAKE comes into play. How embarrassing, no? Yes. So here I am trying to make things right.

A little while ago I ran into Colin Langenus (the BULLROARER, USAISAMONSTER, COLIN L ORCHESTRA guy) over in “God’s sister’s country”. It was a nice surprise to run into the man. I consider him a friend, and I have been a fan of his music since he himself lived in Boston like 15 years ago! We only spoke for a second, but one of the few things he said to me was about how FREE PIZZA are an amazing band. BLAM.

The first time I saw FREE PIZZA was, I think, the same night that I first saw GUERILLA TOSS, some years ago @ the Cambridge YMCA for BLAST FEST or WEIRD STOCK (not sure which it was). Both bands are now among the best bands in Boston. Easy. On BOSTON, MA their latest record FREE PIZZA finally asserts themselves in the manner that it was always obvious was coming eventually if they just kept playing together. I could throw around some lofty comparisons to get the point across and… I think, I will actually just do that. THE MINUTEMEN, MEAT PUPPETS, and let’s say ASH (gotta cover that 90’s indie rock/ power pop thing roaming in their steez). FREE PIZZA’s sound is an amazing amalgamation that doesn’t actually sound like any of those bands that I just compared them to. That’s just as close as I can get. With Jesus singing his songs/ and playing bass, and Santiago just straight up crafting an affront to every damn guitarist in Boston (cuz his shit is just so good, that it has got to make other guitarists feel bad about themselves), there’s just no way this trip could sound like anything but FREE PIZZA. That pair; some kind of Bostonian music & art superpower. And no dis directed toward drummer Nick, for his playing is most badass.

I’m talking about why aren’t people raving about this record everywhere?? They haven’t heard it I must assume. They could be dumb as well, but let’s go with the former. The trio’s sound is fully formed on this record (and that sound has been gorgeously captured by Alex Garcia-Rivera @ Mystic Valley Studios for this BUFU RECORDS release). Country punk & post-punk & power pop blended and stirred, blended and stirred, by friends, and for years. The resulting concoction: FREE PIZZA.

“Forward” jams a miniature post-punk-y bridge into an indie-punk country adventure. Jesus’ propulsive bass and strong melodies magnetically ground a song that would otherwise rip through the atmosphere, celestially bound, fueled by the exquisite, deceptively simple, but oh-so-inventive guitar playing of S. Cardenas (who also happens to be an incredible visual artist. sayin’.). “Baby Girl” is triumph in song. Power pop after CPR. Why? How? In what way do you describe intangibles? A genre tweaked slightly, an in your face rumbling and metallic bass, the magic of two guys from Miami and a Bay State son giving their all for the song. What these guys have you cannot buy in a store (unless they’re selling this new BOSTON, MA tape that is). I lived through the 90s (woof), and I have wished that I lived through the punk era. Now enjoy some FREE PIZZA. A tear waits on my eyeball, ready to fall,  knowing that when the song ends, it will take, the plunge into death. Let these three guys lead you into the summertime.

If all is right with the world, and we @ the Hassle can successfully navigate the remainder of the minefield that is Boston city permitting, then FREE PIZZA will be performing @ BOSTON HASSLE’s first outdoor show of the summer: FRESH AIR – RINGER PARK, in Allston on 6/21. Check in with us about this though!!! Keep em’ peeled. Either way, I promise that you will hear about what happens, whether permission is granted or denied. Boston is a battleground for art my friends.

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