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Frankie Cosmos is also Ingrid Superstar is also Greta Kline, a singer/songwriter who needs these many musical personas to keep up with her boggling back catalog of home recordings, having written, recorded, and released more than forty albums of subtly honest, biographic songs straight from her bedroom. But in March, Frankie Cosmos will leave the house for the very first time with the release of “Zentropy”, Kline’s first studio recorded album.

“Owen”, the first single off the album, is like a mini celebration of how beautifully the simple instrumentation of Frankie Cosmos translates into a studio setting, recording this time with a complete band. With a sporadic bass-line, a smattering of tambourine, and whirring guitar, the song is short but spirited, with an offbeat rhythm that plunks along until it bursts, grand and warm on the chorus.

Greta Kline’s voice, high and soft, and the deeper, gruffer voice of Porches.‘ Aaron Maine, fit together like perfect puzzle pieces, creating the unique harmonies that shape the track. The lyrics read like clever poetry plucked from Kline’s diary, with sad and somewhat silly rhymes like, “it’s raining in my head, I cry and eat my bread, my tears are what I spread”. This type of earnest lyricism appears in most of her songs, with an endless supply of themes of sadness, love, dogs, and boredom. A thoughtful and simple song, “Owen” provides yet another peek into the whimsical, wistful way that Frankie Cosmos views the world.

Watch Frankie Cosmos blow up all over the place and pre-order the album before it comes out March 4th on Double Double Whammy.

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