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The departure of an old friend is never easy, and over the course of the last two years, pop-progsters Cult & Leper have established themselves as confirmed compadres of every music lover in Boston with an ear for the addictively idiosyncratic. Their final gig at the Midway Café last Tuesday night, however, was anything but a somber occasion. The boys from N.E.C hosted an epic shindig that brought some of the toppest shrymp in town along for the ride, including Frank Hurricane, Con Tex, IAN, and also featured Providence buddies Camden Healy (aka Player 2) and Littlefoot. Tie-dye tights were worn and one Korg synthesizer died a painful but dignified death.

Prior to C&L, the Hurricane of Love himself mounted the stage like a crazed Appalachian mountain man high on life (and Jenkem) or some kind of demented mystic, strumming a paint-spattered Gibson and singing songs of Juggalo orgies, pool games with Hell’s Angels, and near death experiences in a manner that can best be described as profanely transcendent. Thankfully, the tape was rolling. Thus, the Hassle proudly presents Frank’s set in its entirety for your listening pleasure. Just remember: Juggalo tattoo artists and LSD are definitely not a good combination.

More audio from this show is on the way!

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