Actually grabbed a tape copy of this cycle of wheezing bleats from FORM A LOG last they dipped into Jamaica Plain’s basement society. If only we could actually build secret doors between these clandestine venues then we would REALLY have something going on (architects and contractors please get in touch). This is subterranean music right here made by the LOG trio of Schofield (aka Container), Weaver (aka Dinner Music), and Anthony (aka Profligate, who just blasted an intense set out @ Hassle Fest 5). If you like to get freak-ayyy these dudes are speaking unto you. Their live show is an astounding execution of live tape manipulation melded to scattered and skittering electronic beat experiments and musique concrete dispatches. DECOHERENCE RECORDS can be blamed for putting this one to vinyl which jogged my memory eliciting the self directed demand, “I must write about THE TWO BENJIS!” Tape snippets waft in and out of this often woozy beat centered murk a log, mutating and metamorphosing and slowly being absorbed into the slowly growing momentum of the track itself. Industrial thud and garbled transmissions groan beneath ethnic instrumentation and an omnipresent noisy haze. Bass drops coexist with off human sounds and are coaxed along by pulsing techno arpeggios or wobbling creak beats depending on where you dive in. “Diamond Pressure” gives us most of this band’s spectrum in one fell swoop. Bits of tape and cheapo electronic sounds are harnessed initially in creating a maddening and dense pulse until the fade to a foreground arpeggiating synth which eventually delivers us to white noise. These are wild out of bounds sounds for courageous fans of exploring the outer bounds of electronic music making. You must ask yourself, are you with us?

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