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Radical heaviness straight outta Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK, FOOT HAIR wallow in the riff, drooling and dribbling their sludge metal scum hardcore noise-rock all over we, the listener. And I’ll tell you right now: I want it. In the midst of doing a little research I found an old interview where the band even shouts out KILSLUG and UPSIDEDOWN CROSS and ADOLF SATAN’s Larry Lifeless. I can’t resist my excitement over such nods from across the pond to underground legends (as twisted as they may be) of Boston. This, Larry Lifeless surely is.

If we’re talking about local scum and sludge whatever, I also have to mention the SIEGE and related band (THE SPOILS) vibes that FOOT HAIR’s heavy and dirgey musical approach is some kind of related to. When things get feeling a little more black metal, what with the breaking out of some non-barr chords, FOOT HAIR even kind of sound a little like my most committed heavy music relationship from last year (that relationship was with BURNT SKULL). What does this all amount to: pretty much something like, “FOOT HAIR make some fucking heavy punk music, repetitive as shit, heavy as fuck (again), and rife with weird devolutions into noise, big bass tones, and the willingness to hang onto the goddamn riff.” The band has recently released a self titled record of 7 molasses disasters.

“Send In The Dogs” is all swirling heaviness around a lurching beat. You just want to take bath salts and bite off faces listening to this. Incorporating barks into hardcore is also a very good idea. TOXIC STATE fans got to get a piece of this. The ridiculously named “Cool Runnings” sounds quite a bit like what I imagine the actual dying of John Candy’s career must have sounded like, a sound which would have been in full aural effect (if it was capable of making sound at all, which it isn’t) around the time that Candy made COOL RUNNINGS. This is the British band’s 4th release, and first in 3 years. It was released by the UK’s BOX RECORDS. I hope that the guy with the beard and the guy with the basketball are a couple.

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